EMIF - European Medical Information Framework

The project aims to generate a common patient health Information Framework for the discovery and validation of disease biomarkers. The project will address the challenges related to large-scale patient’s data access and linkage, and will provide solutions in terms of legal, ethics and data privacy issues and of semantic interoperability between data. The EMIF framework will be tested by linking two therapeutic topics and platforms – Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and metabolic disorders.

This approach will be used to:

(i) identify predictors and diagnostic biomarkers for AD (EMIF-AD)
(ii) identify predictors and diagnostic markers of metabolic complications in adults and paediatrics.

The EMIF-AD consortium is led by Pieter Jelle Visser (VUmc) and involves biomarker task-forces for specific biomarkers and techniques. Work packages: MRI imaging (co-leads Barkhof, VUmc and Frisoni, IRCCS-FBF); PET Imaging (lead Herholz, UNIMAN); Neuropsychology (lead Wallin UGOT and Wim Riedel, camcog); Statistics (lead Paul Stang, J&J); Plasma (lead Lovestone, KCL); CSF (lead Blennow, UGOT); DNA (lead Bertram, MPIMG).