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  • Full Professor of Clinical Neuroscience at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and
  • Director of the Memory Clinic at Geneva University Hospital
  • Consultant at IRCCS Fatebenefratelli, Brescia – Italy

SCIENTIFIC ACTIVITY: Brescia and  Ginevra

Prof. Frisoni’s work is focused on new scientific discoveries on Alzheimer’s disease (in particular neuroimaging and other biomarkers) which might have immediate clinical effect to improve prevention, diagnosis, drug treatment, medication of patients with dementia.

Prof Frisoni is a clinical neurologist. Former Scientific Director at the National Alzheimer’s Centre in Brescia, Italy, he is currently Director of the Memory clinic at Geneva University Hospitals where he is leading a team of 40 clinicians and scientists. Author of about 700 scientific papers listed in PubMed, imaging editor for Neurobiology of Aging, and founding editorial board member of The Lancet Neurology. Has led national and international projects funded by the European Commission, the Alzheimer’s Association, Italian and Swiss Ministry of Health, and industry. Over the years, he has attracted about 40M euros in competitive research funds and he is currently attracting about 3M CHF per year for scientific projects at Geneva Memory clinic. Chairman of Alzheimer’s Imaging Consortium at International Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease in 2010 and 2011. Honorary member of the French and Austrian Neurological Societies, has received the Lyons Career Award in 2013 and the Career Award in 2018 from the European Neurological Association.

Principal Investigator of European Commission-funded projects that led to the development of the neuGRID infrastructure for imaging neuroscientists based on cloud computing. Has brought ADNI to Europe with Alzheimer’s Association grant Pilot European ADNI in 2005-6 and IMI Pharmacog WP5/EADNI in 2010. Has brought ADNI and DIAN to Italy with Italian Ministry of Health-funded Italian ADNI (2010-12) and Italian DIAN (2012-ongoing). Has led the international Alzheimer’s Association Harmonized Protocol for Manual Hippocampal Segmentation. Has brought amyloid PET to Italy thanks to investigator-initiated sponsored studies with florbetapir, flutemetamol, and florbetaben and tau PET to Switzerland thanks to H2020 coSTREAM. National lead for Switzerland and Italy of IMI EPAD – European Prevention of Alzheimer’s Disease, leads the diagnostic branch of IMI2 AMYPAD, the amyloid PET chapter of EPAD. He is currently a leading figure worldwide in microbiota studies in dementia, has taken active part to the IWG initiative for the definition of global diagnostic criteria for Alzheimer’s disease, and is leading a European working group of experts tasked to develop protocols and procedures for the memory clinics of the future (brain health services for dementia prevention).